Mud slide

April 2nd

Just shy of 12 miles today.  Out from Souldern, towards Clifton, on to King’s Sutton, then back via Aynho.  We would have stopped for a pint in the Cartwright Arms, but by then, we had about 3 litres of mud each, around our ankles; so we figured we wouldn’t be welcome!

The stiles were hard work today.  But not as hard work as the mud.  Going uphill was like walking up a dune.  Nearly lost my shoes a couple of times, but thanks to the walking stick managed not to fall on my backside!

Just sheep encounters this week, and getting very near the majestic Aynho deer.  Oh, and an ancient Iron Age hill fort, latterly used by the Romans.  Lucy is a most informative walking companion!

Today was hard going.  I ache all over and am walking like I’ve just ridden a horse for 5 hours.  Just 6 weeks to go.  MAN it feels real now….


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