Cross Country (literally)

March 24

Bicester to Souldern.  Easy? Hmmm.  It’s a jolly long way!!!

We headed out of Bicester into Ardley, on via Fewcott, then across the fields towards Fringford.  Walked under that huge water tower you see beside the M40 between Jn 9 and 10.  Walked alongside the M40.  Kept thinking what the motorists made of us!

I was following Lucy over a stile when she turned and said ‘ you might want to hurry up…’.  Behind me, and closing fast, was the herd you see in the picture!

The walk took us longer than planned.  Nothing to do with my dropping stuff and us needing to backtrack (sorry Lucy!) or ignoring signs saying ‘keep out’, ‘private property’ and missing the footpath (sorry farmer!).  We were both remarking how it was getting overcast, when we realised it was actually getting dark!  Luckily we were only about 15-20 mins out of Souldern by then!

Invigorating walk!


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